Water it down


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Lately watercolour painting has caught my fancy. After browsing through several “how to do” videos on youtube and researching the topic ad nauseum, I went out and bought myself all the paraphernalia for painting.

Needless to say I took to it like a duck to water…or a brush to paint. 

I absolutely love the way the colors meld and merge on paper, never going according to the well ordered lines of the drawing and yet, resulting in a glorious mix at the end.

Some early attempts – 

Bluebells in the woods - Rohini Sundar

Cottages in the country - Rohini Sundar


Stone Barn - Rohini Sundar


Works of artists that I really liked – 


- By Mary Ann Boysen

- By PommImage- By Pomm

- By Milind Mallick

- By Robert Pejman